Meet the Staff

Management Team

Julie Theakston


“One of my favourite parts of this job is working in collaboration with other people and other organisations towards a common end goal – ‘together we can’.”

Kim Johnson

Administrative Coordinator

“I really enjoy working at MCC and being part of a wonderful, fun loving and cohesive team.”

Renee Duxbury

Family programs coordinator

“I understand how difficult change can be and I also know how important change can be. I feel a sense of pride when I see small steps towards change, especially knowing the struggles people go through, and they manage do it with a smile. I am consistently impressed by the resilience of the families I work with and I feel inspired to walk with them on their journey of change.”

Ashlee Ellis

Community Programs coordinator

“The favourite part about my job is having the opportunity to work with and see families and individuals succeed”

mimi updated

Miriam Fejo

Cultural Practice Advisor

“I love working with staff that share the same passion .. supporting families to become strong, and happy.”

Neighbourhood Centre Team

Bianca Hobbler

Trainee receptionist

“I enjoy meeting and greeting many people from all diversities in our community to help assist there needs and provide good office support. Even If it’s just offering a cup of coffee.”


Sandra Chapman

Volunteer Community Support Worker
No Interest Loan Scheme Support Worker
Tax help volunteer

“The best part of working here is helping clients buy necessary items without putting them in further financial hardship”



Trevor Chapman

Volunteer Community Support Worker

“That moment that you know you’ve made a difference, however small it is, that’s what I like most about my job.”


Skye Bliss

Trainee Family and Community Worker

I love my job because everyone shares the same vision and dedication. This truely creates a family enviroment where everbody is there for eachother”

Intensive Family Support Team


Daniel Dwyer

Intensive Family Support (IFS) Case Worker

“I enjoy helping others and watching them succeed. There is nothing better then seeing someone you’ve assisted grow and develop, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to change the course of their life and lives within their family. This role and the organisation allows this, and is supportive of staff to get better outcomes professionally regarding job satisfaction – this is what is most important to me. A successful team has one thing…….good leadership”


Nikita Urquhart

Intensive Family Support (IFS) Case Worker

“I enjoy working with families to identify their strengths and utilising that strength to make positive changes in their personal lives, their children lives and in the greater community.”

Secondary Family Support Team


Marija Crockford

Family Support Worker

“I really enjoy my role at Mareeba Community Centre, providing emotional and practical assistance and guidance to families and children in need.”

Family and child connect Team


Lee Xhafer

engagement & referral practioner

“The best part about my job is finding ways to support people during tough times. I find this very fulfilling. I also like collaborating with other members of our MCC team as there is such a variety of skills and experience among us.”

Youth Connections Team


Danae Hastie

Youth Support Worker

“I love working with young people in my community because everyday is different and being able to support the diverse range of young people. I find myself very passionate about empowering the next generation to be better and move forward together as one. It’s such a great opportunity to be able to voice the opinions of the youth in our community and to empower every YP to stand up and have a voice of their own.”


Phill Hogan

Youth Support Worker

“The ability to make a difference in a young persons life and also being able to work with so many varied and different people whom all have a passion and desire to leave a positive impact on others.”