Mareeba Stories of Resilience

Mareeba Stories of Resilience Video Launch

Mareeba Community Centre is excited to be launching the Mareeba Stories of Resilience video.

This video came to life with the amazing contributions from our community. We are proud to have the opportunity to help people share their stories, strengths and resilience through tough and trying times. 

We thankyou all of our participants who took the time and strength to share their stories knowing the community would see their experience. We hope you find it as inspirational and as moving as we do. 

 Please see the videos below

Individual Stories of Reslience

Select the video you wish to watch and click play to listen to the individual stories of the particpants

Mareeba Stories of Resilience

The project’s main objective is to minimise the negative impacts of disasters by promoting connectedness and social inclusion within the Mareeba community. The digital resilience and bushfire recovery project will improve the community’s preparedness and capacity to respond to future disasters; by engaging members of the Mareeba community to share their stories on how they have adapted in the face of adversity. The project will promote the connection between members of the Mareeba community and the Mareeba community itself by showcasing how individuals have reached out to the community and bounced back from their difficult experiences.

This project aims to strengthening communities to build individual and community resilience. Supporting adversity as a normal part of life will mean individuals are better equip to deal with the increasing prevalence of natural disasters. It helps members of the Mareeba community to take action to combat adversity and build on their connection to self, reducing the lasting impact from traumatic life events

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