About MCC

“small pieces, big picture”

Our Motto

Our motto “small pieces, big picture” reflects the organisation’s commitment to recognising and celebrating the significance of ‘small steps’ towards recovery. Having a holistic viewpoint, taking into account the numerous ‘pieces of a puzzle’, and working in collaboration with and as part of a larger community services network.

About the Centre

Mareeba Community Centre Inc. (MCC) is a community based, non-profit organisation providing community services in the Mareeba Shire Council area. We are a neighbourhood centre providing information, advice and referral services to the community.

Vision Statement

Mareeba Community Centre Inc. exists to promote the wellbeing of all community members. We envisage and work towards a just and equitable society where each individual feels connected and empowered. 

Our Values


  • We are open and transparent about process and criteria.
  • We encourage responsibility and self-reliance.


  • We behave at all times in a manner that is respectful, polite, caring and honest.
  • We take time to listen well.
  • We acknowledge our clients’ experiences.

Non –Judgemental Approach

  • We do not judge our clients according to our own personal values.
  • We assist clients to meet goals that they have set themselves.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • We only share client information with express permission, in accordance with the confidentiality policies of our organisation.
  • We only write down what is absolutely necessary.


  • We are trustworthy and we do what we say we will do.
  • We are professional in all our dealings with others.
  • We are genuine.


  • We help each other, and other organisations, as colleagues.
  • We generously share our knowledge, expertise and skills.
  • We are inclusive and seek people’s input and involvement.


  • We are flexible, creative and responsive to changing needs.
  • We have the courage to take informed risks.

View our Client Service Charter for more information about your rights and responsibilities as our client, as well as our motto, vision and values and what you can expect from MCC inc.

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